Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30
166 Mine Brook Rd

Open Space Advisory Board

Open Space Advisory Board Information

All meetings are held on the second floor at Borough Hall, 166 Mine Brook Road. There is no fixed schedule; for additional information call 908-766-3000 x110. The duties of the Open Space Advisory Committee, pursuant to Volume I of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Bernardsville § 2-42.4: Duties are as follows:

  1. Develop a comprehensive open space program for consideration by the Planning Board in connection with the Planning Board’s preparation of the Borough Master Plan.
  2. Evaluate the importance of specific Borough lands for recreational use (both active and passive), stream corridor protection, and preservation of aesthetic, cultural and historic value, establishment and maintenance of greenways and general preservation and conservation.
  3. Identify specific sites and recommend acquisition of open space and other lands
  4. Recommend that the governing body apply for Specific County, sate and nonprofit foundation grants to supplement the Borough’s Open Space Trust Fund for the acquisition of these lands.
  5. Interact with other boards, commissions, committees and citizen groups to obtain broad public input for the development of the open space program and to provide the Mayor and Council with information for dissemination to the residents of the Borough.
  6. Assist in the implementation of open space programs established by the Mayor and Council
  7. Comment to the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment on the potential for open space preservation opportunities in applications that involve lands that have special open space and recreational potential.
  8. Submit a report at the end of each calendar year to the Mayor and Council including specific budget requests for ongoing activities and the status of grant applications and awards.

Board Members

  • Al Schauffler, Recreation Committee
  • Ross Zazzarino, Citizen At-Large
  • Anthony Bove, Citizen At-Large
  • Ben Foster, Citizen At-Large
  • Macie Laffey, Citizen At-Large
  • Matt Marino, Citizen At-Large
  • Pat McFadden, Chair, Citizen At-Large
  • Diane Greenfield (Council Liaison)
  • Jena McCredie (Council Liaison)

Open Space Advisory Board Meeting Schedule

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