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Tax Collector

The Tax Department is responsible for the billing, collection, reporting, and enforcement of taxes within the municipality. In addition, we also bill, collect, and report sewer user fees for the properties connected to the public sewer.

Sewer Payment Assistance (LIHWAP)

The State Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) can help you pay arrears for your water and sewer bills. The program may also be able to help address tax liens due to water and sewer arrears. To get more information and apply, go to waterassistance.nj.gov or call NJ211. 

Payments online

Residents may view their property tax and sewer accounts and easily submit a convenient online payment. Click below and find your property by location or name, then choose Taxes or Utilities.

Direct debit authorization

The Borough also offers residents a method to automatically pay their Property Tax and Sewer Bills by authorizing a direct debit from a checking account. Download the required forms using the link below and submit them in person at the Tax Window or by postal mail.

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Tax Rates

All rates are per hundred dollars of assessed value.

  • 2018 - 1.991
  • 2019 - 2.038
  • 2020 - 2.104
  • 2021 - 2.098
  • 2022 - 2.056
  • 2023 - 2.009

For information on the Homestead Benefit Program contact the Division of Taxation at: 1-888-238-1233 or use the link.

For information on the Property Tax Reimbursement Program, also known as the Senior Tax Freeze and PTR Program, please contact the PTR Hotline at: 1-800-882-6597 or follow the link.


When are taxes due?

The Borough of Bernardsville is a calendar year municipality and tax bills are generally mailed in June/July of each year.

The tax bill contains valuable information, such as the assessed value of your property, the annual tax rate, the legal description of your property, and state aid.

The tax bill contains four payment stubs: Third Quarter: Due August 1st (covers July, August & September) Fourth Quarter: Due November 1st (covers October, November and December) First Quarter: Due February 1st (covers January, February & March) Second Quarter: Due May 1st (covers April, May and June) There is a ten day grace period for payment of taxes, with all payments due in the tax office no later than the 10th of the month when they are due. Interest will be charged at a rate of 8% per annum on the first $1,500 of delinquency and 18% on any balance over $1,500. a 6% year end penalty will be charged to any account with a balance of $10,000 and over on 12/31.

Department Details

Tax Window 
Borough Hall
166 Mine Brook Road

8:30am - 4:30pm


Tax Collector
Leslie Roberson, CTC
P: 908-766-3000 x121

Tax Clerk
Isabelle Bongiovanni
P: 908-766-3000 x121

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